Drivers At Risk of Fatigue

As mentioned, every driver has the responsibility to never drive while fatigued. If you are feeling exhausted, then find a place to rest or arrange for someone else to take you home. You know to do as much to preserve your safety and that of others on the road. However, other drivers are not as responsible or safety-centered as you are, so they may be tempted to drive while fatigued.

A driver’s risk of driving while fatigued will depend on the circumstances that they usually find themselves in. There is no way to know for certain which drivers around you on the road are exhausted or asleep, though. You will only know as much after they cause a crash and only if they admit to having been half-dozing when the accident happened.

Drivers who might be at a higher-than-usual risk of driving while fatigued include:

  • People who work early in the morning.
  • People who work 10 or more hours in a shift.
  • Commercial truck drivers who drive across the state or country.
  • Emergency responders who must drive at a moment’s notice at any time.

How Fatigue Affects a Driver

Driving while exhausted is not safe by any measure. By some estimates and research conducted by safety groups like the National Safety Council (NSC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fatigued driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. If a person has not had sleep for more than 24 hours, then they might start exhibiting intoxication-like behaviors and problems similar to someone who has recently had one or two alcoholic beverages.

People who are fatigued behind the wheel will struggle with:

  • Driving in a straight line.
  • Reacting to emergencies.
  • Reading traffic signals and signs.
  • Judging speed and distance.
  • Hearing traffic sounds.
  • Focusing on the task of driving.

If a driver falls asleep, it will create a completely unpredictable and extremely dangerous situation. Nodding off for even five seconds while driving on the freeway will cause the car to travel the length of a football field with absolutely no one in control of it.

It’s About Justice – Seek It Here

Do you suspect that the driver who hit you was asleep when they did? It can be incredibly difficult to prove that they were sleeping behind the wheel. Even statements made in police reports can be refuted by the defense and cause trouble for your case.

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