Cancer Misdiagnosis Statistics

According to various studies from groups like the Journal of Clinical Oncology and the American Cancer Society, cancer misdiagnoses are unfortunately common. More than 10% of cancer patients in the country will receive a misdiagnosis the first time that they are tested for cancer or other serious diseases. It is also estimated that breast cancer misdiagnoses alone contribute to at least 40,000 deaths per year due to delays in treatment or incorrect treatments. When considering all types of cancer, it is believed that approximately 25% of misdiagnoses lead to life-threatening or terminal cancers.

Mistakes That Cause Cancer Misdiagnoses

Oncologists and other medical professionals who work with cancer patients must be extremely careful and attentive in their diagnoses and treatments. A small mistake in the treatment of a patient who is faced with such a serious disease can quickly become catastrophic.

We can investigate your situation and work with third-party medical experts to figure out if the mistake that your medical provider committed should have been avoidable. If another oncologist or medical professional would not have made the same mistake in the same situation, then it could constitute medical malpractice.

Different forms of medical mistakes that contribute to or cause cancer misdiagnoses include:

  • Incorrectly processing tissue and blood samples
  • Inaccurately interpreting lab results
  • Failing to order the right lab tests
  • Misunderstanding symptoms for another illness

Harm Caused by Cancer Misdiagnoses

Misdiagnosing a patient’s cancer or taking too long to diagnose it accurately can be devastating. Cancer is an aggressive illness that can spread rapidly when unchecked. Chemotherapy can slow it down or eliminate infected cells, but it must be done soon after cancer appears.

The harm caused by a cancer misdiagnosis is usually most noticeable as the spread and worsening of cancer, which should have been identified and treated much sooner. In the worst-case scenario, an inaccurate or delayed cancer diagnosis will allow cancer to spread to the point that it is untreatable and terminal.

Your claim can demand damages related to the harm caused by a cancer misdiagnosis, such as:

  • Increased or future medical costs
  • Prolonged pain and suffering
  • Lessened enjoyment of life
  • Shortened life expectancy

If you lost a loved one to terminal cancer that was initially misdiagnosed, then it might be possible to file a wrongful death claim. This type of claim can have unique damages related to the loss of a family member. Our attorneys would be honored to help you start a wrongful death claim in honor of your late loved one.

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