How Surgical Errors Happen

Every surgical procedure has a risk of complications. Furthermore, there is always the risk that a surgeon will make a mistake. A surgical error that can be answered with legal action, though, involves a complication or mistake that reasonably would have been avoided by another surgical expert in the same situation. With this in mind, most surgical error lawsuits that our firm handles involve a medical provider’s negligence that could’ve been prevented with a reasonable amount of care and attention.

Different Types of Surgical Errors

We are here to help you with virtually any surgical error claim or lawsuit. If a surgeon or another medical professional did something unreasonable that resulted in your injury or that of a loved one, then we want to be the law firm that you trust to stand up to them.

Christie Farrell Lee & Bell can help with surgical error cases that involve:

  • Failure to review the patient’s history or medical record
  • Medical tools left inside the patient
  • Incorrect amputation or surgery site
  • Surgeries started without a clear surgery plan
  • Damage to adjacent body parts
  • Unhygienic surgery theater conditions
  • No patient follow-up
  • Incomplete aftercare instructions


Long-Lasting Problems of Surgical Errors

When a surgical error occurs, it is not often a singular incident. In most situations, the patient will suffer extensively due to the single mistake. For example, in the “best” situation, the patient might require a second surgery to correct the problems made in the first one. This secondary surgery will have its own risks, complications, and side effects, which is wholly unfair to the patient.

Other complications from surgical errors can have a long-lasting impact, too. Let us know how your life and livelihood have been damaged by a surgeon’s mistakes or another form of medical malpractice, and we can let you know how we can help you take legal action in response.

Surgical errors can cause the following consequences and more:

  • Chronic pain
  • Mobility issues
  • Loss of independence
  • Lessened enjoyment of life

When we fight for compensation in your name, we will strive to secure every penny owed to you and nothing less. To get this amount, we will carefully examine the impacts that the surgical mistake has had on all facets of your life.

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