Causes of Amputations

Losing a finger, toe, hand, foot, arm, or leg is catastrophic. How can such a life-changing injury happen in an accident? Typically, amputations happen in particularly violent accidents.

An amputation or limb loss injury can be caused by:

Amputations can even be caused accidentally due to medical malpractice. If a patient needs a body part amputated but the surgical team is not paying attention to the surgery instructions, then they might amputate the wrong body part. As unthinkable as this situation might sound, it can and does happen many times a year across the country. If this happened to you, let us fight for you!

How an Amputation Will Affect Your Life

Life after an amputation injury will not be the same as it was before. You will have to make adjustments throughout your day-to-day life to accommodate your new situation, which might include mobility and dexterity issues. Part of your routine might now include rehabilitative physical therapy that focuses on pain alleviation because amputations can cause severe pain, even years after the injury occurs.

Our attorneys want to know how much your amputation injury has changed your life. We will sit down with you to discuss what happened, and how that will impact the claim we are building for you. Importantly, if your life was heavily impacted by the limb loss, then it could greatly increase the potential value of your claim.

Damages in Amputation Claims & Lawsuits

Christie Farrell Lee & Bell has won millions of dollars for our clients throughout the years. With a track record like ours, you know that you can trust your amputation injury claim to us. We know how to calculate the value of a claim and fight for every penny, even when the value has reached seven or more figures.

The damages owed to you in an amputation claim could help pay for:

  • Past and future medical treatment and therapy costs
  • Lost wages and reduced income capacity in the future
  • Lessened enjoyment of life and lost sense of independence
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional trauma

Let Us Build Your Amputation Claim – Call Now

Helping people in tough times has always been the priority at our law firm. When our Indianapolis amputation attorneys take a case, they fight to win. A subpar case result is not an option. We always do everything we can to get the best possible result, just as you should expect from the legal counsel standing up for you.

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Amputation Injury FAQ

  • Will I get a prosthesis to address my amputation injury?
    A modern prosthesis can work wonders to restore mobility and dexterity after an amputation. Obtaining a prosthesis might be difficult or expensive, though, unless you file an amputation injury claim. Our attorneys will work diligently to make sure the best medical care is made available at no cost to you, including the option to get an advanced prosthesis.
  • Can I sue my employer if my limb loss happened at work?
    You might be able to file a claim against your employer if your amputation was caused by a workplace accident like a crush accident at an industrial jobsite. It depends on how the accident happened and if you have workers’ compensation coverage. We can help you figure out your options and the best way to pursue the most compensation.
  • How can medical malpractice cause an amputation?
    Surgical teams are sometimes required to amputate a limb to save a patient’s life or if the limb is too injured to save. If the surgical team is not paying proper attention to detail, then it could amputate the wrong limb entirely.