How Tire Blowouts Happen

Tire blowouts occur when tires lose air pressure at a rate that causes them to blow, which often leads to car accidents as a result of drivers losing control of their vehicles. In 2017 alone, 738 car crash fatalities involved tire-related accidents. Blowouts can be especially damaging when they happen to commercial trucking vehicles because their size and weight mean an accident on the road will likely involve other nearby vehicles and drivers.

Sometimes blowouts are accidents—many blowouts occur in the summer because heat plays a huge factor in putting a strain on tires, for example. However, many tire blowouts occur because of a party’s negligence, which is why it’s worth hiring an attorney who can determine whether you have a valid claim.

Some causes of tire blowouts in trucks include:

  • Cargo overload: Vehicles that are carrying heavy loads will put pressure on tires that can lead to blowouts, which is why each state has a maximum weight when it comes to carrying cargo on the road. In Indiana, the maximum possible gross weight is 80,000 pounds. If truckers overload their vehicles or cargo loaders load too much, the chances of a tire blowout increase.
  • Defective tires: Sometimes blowouts happen because the tires themselves are defective. This is why recalls of certain commercial trucks that are known to have bad tires are frequent. Some defects can lead to tread separation and tire shredding, which can cause severe injuries in crashes.
  • Driver negligence: Sometimes truck crashes happen when drivers fail to inflate their vehicle’s tires or change a tire that is clearly worn down. Tread separation is a common side effect of worn-down tires that can lead to accidents.
  • Bad braking practices: Applying the brakes too often can cause the tire tread to wear down and eventually explode. Untrained truck drivers may not know how to correctly shift gears when driving down steep cliffs and brake too much, potentially causing a blowout on the road.

Tire blowouts can cause a variety of crashes when a driver loses control of their truck, such as rear-end collisions, rollovers, and falling cargo that can harm others on the road. Drivers can even get into head-on collisions when their trucks swerve into opposing traffic.

Who Is to Blame for a Tire Blowout?

Various individuals and parties may be at fault for a truck accident caused by a tire blowout, which is why it’s important to hire an attorney who has the resources and knowledge needed to thoroughly investigate an accident.

Each case varies depending on what specifically led to the tire blowout. However, parties who are typically held liable for damages in these types if injury claims include:

  • The truck driver: There’s a high chance the truck driver will be held responsible for injuries after a tire blowout contributes to an accident when the driver is an independent contractor and doesn’t represent a company. Though the NHTSA issues recalls on defective tires, it’s the truck owner’s ultimate responsibility to check the list and respond accordingly.
  • Trucking companies: Companies may be held liable for damages when they’ve failed to inspect their trucks before usage. Trucking companies are generally required to have their vehicles repaired and maintained before they go out on the road.
  • Tire manufacturers: If an injured individual can prove that their tires were defective and led to their injuries and damages, the tire manufacturer may be held responsible. These types of claims are often difficult because the individual must go to great lengths to prove that the manufacturer owed a duty of care to consumers and violated this duty.

Damages Our Tire Blowout Lawyers Can Recover

Tire blowouts that occur among commercial trucking vehicles often lead to catastrophic injuries that impact other drivers and passengers involved, from traumatic brain injuries to spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis. As a result, the damages a seriously injured person can accrue are often high. Our lawyers can calculate the extent of your damages, including your future costs of care and non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Tire blowouts can ultimately change your life in an instant. Our firm is here to ensure that you and your family are provided for and that you have the means to recover from what you’ve been through.

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