Injuries Caused by Unsafe C-Sections

A C-section uses an abdominal incision to complete a birth with precision. Technically, it is a surgical procedure, and all surgeries carry inherent risks. It is up to the medical team that is assisting the mother to minimize those risks, as well as to notify her about those risks before the procedure begins if time allows.

An unsafe C-section can cause these complications and more:

If these injuries and others happened to you or your child, then we will want to investigate to see what caused them. When medical negligence is at the root of a C-section injury, it could be the grounds for starting an injury claim against the medical practitioner or institution behind the mistake.

Medical Negligence That Causes C-Section Injuries

C-sections are somewhat routine yet still quite serious surgical procedures. Medical providers must always act with the utmost care when performing one because a mistake could hurt the mother and the child. Yet medical negligence can and does happen far too often.

Different forms of medical errors that can cause a C-section injury include:

  • Delayed C-section: Some C-sections are planned weeks or months in advance because a mother knows that she should avoid labor or a prolonged pregnancy. Other C-sections are performed urgently when there is a crisis during labor. Failing to notice the signs of a medical emergency and not performing an emergency C-section in time can be considered medical malpractice if that delay results in a serious injury.
  • Failure to monitor infant’s vital signs: During a C-section, the vital signs of the mother and the child must both be monitored closely by the medical team. At the first indications of fetal distress, corrective actions must be taken to protect the child. A common cause of C-section-related injuries is the failure to monitor signs of fetal distress, which is even more frustrating when considering that medical instruments were available to spot those signs quickly.
  • Misuse of birth-assisting equipment: Various medical instruments and tools can be used to help complete a C-section birth. For example, if the child is still difficult to extract during a C-section, then a vacuum extractor might be used. The infant or the mother can be injured, though, if these instruments are not used correctly.

Damages in a C-Section Injury Case

No amount of money can undo the harm that your child has suffered due to a C-section error. However, it can help you regain the financial stability that you need to start moving forward. If your child needs specialized care and education due to a birth injury, then the need for significant compensation will increase, too.

Let us help you fight for every single penny of compensation that you and your child deserve. We can work with medical experts to get a full understanding of the C-section injury and all the harm it will cause in the future. With that added insight, we will be even more prepared to pursue your case.

Damages in a C-section injury case can include:

  • Medical costs
  • Special care for your child
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • And more

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